Oct 27th 2018
Shizuka has reached 1000d uptime.

Jan 29th 2018
Shizuka has reached 2 years uptime.

Jul 21st 2017
Yoshino is updated to Debian 9.0. Also shizuka has exceeded 500d uptime.

Jan 29th 2017
Shizuka has reached a full 1 year uptime, without any problems. Also no power shortages for an entire year.

Jul 19th 2015
The new and improved Yumi returns in form of Raspberry Pi 3 media terminal.

Jul 19th 2015
Sachiko is being rebuilt. The final form will have a Intel i5-4690K quad-core CPU and 16 Gb of RAM. Most of the hard drives and Noctua fans salvaged from Youko is used on this build as well. Also the tiny Shizuka ARM server has already racked up 75 day uptime without even the slightest problem.

Jul 18th 2015
Sei is decommissioned and dismantled due to deprecated hardware. Youko is also slimmed down a bit and the salvaged hardware will be used for building a completely new desktop reborn as Sachiko.

May 4th 2015
The new and improved Shizuka returns as primary HTML and FTP server. No additional services available for now. Sachiko and Yumi are decommisioned due to deprecated hardware.

Apr 30th 2015
Linux will now serve as OS for Yoshino due lack of drivers for laptop hardware in FreeBSD family. Initial system is based on LMDE 2 with Linux 3.13 kernel.

Feb 3rd 2015
Shizuka is resurrected as a software testbed with all new Raspberry Pi 2 based hardware. Later as a server if FreeBSD 10.1 ARM-port or Debian Linux is stable enough to pass the stress testing.

Aug 27th 2014
All case fans of Shimako changed to Noctua Redux models. The old cheap Coolermaster ones started to be too noisy after 5 years of nonstop operation.

Aug 12th 2014
Shimako returns as operational HTML and FTP server, all services available normally. One of the hard drives was removed from the strorage array.

Aug 1st 2014
Shimako gets updated to FreeBSD 9.3. and the strorage array is being stress tested to reveal a source of minor instability. During the update process Sei will host minimal HTML and FTP services. Shizuka is dismantled to parts due to lack of use and lack of storage space.

Oct 10th 2013
Shimako gets updated to FreeBSD 9.2. and one of the hard drives was replaced. Transition went smoothly and no downtime is expected.

Sep 9th 2013
Shimako is refitted with new hard drives and updated to FreeBSD 9.1. Shimako will host the HTML and FTP services from now on. No game support available yet. Sei managed a full 270 days of uninterrupted service.

Jan 10th 2013
Shimako is constantly crashing, propably because of bad hard drive. Sei takes over the HTML and FTP services with freshly installed FreeBSD 9.1 until shimako has been overhauled. Games will not be available until further notice.

Nov 14th 2012
Noriko had trouble booting due to bad solderings. Motherboard was reflowed and now it is again operational.

Jun 28th 2012
Yoshino is updated to FreeBSD 9.0. Some of the features of Fujitsu Siemens Li2727 laptop does not function correctly, but there will be a quick guide about the installation procedure.

May 17th 2012
Shimako is back online with a new 450W PSU with ultra slow 140mm fan, games available normally.

May 16th 2012
Shimako gets another new power supply unit, again due to a broken fan. Sei will take over the services for couple of days, games might not be available.

Nov 4th 2011
Sei is updated to FreeBSD 9.0 RC1, Youko and Noriko to Windows 7 SP1.

Mar 27th 2011
Shimako gets a new power supply unit, due to broken fan in the last one. Achieved 222 day uptime without any problems.

Nov 14th 2010
Yumi (Nokia E72) has become a new mobile maintenance terminal, while Sachiko (Nokia E51) becomes the reserve mobile maintenance terminal.

Jul 2nd 2010
Shimako gets updated to FreeBSD 8.1. and additional 160 GB and 320 GB hard drives are installed. Transition goes smoothly and disk drives are working well so no downtime is expected. Achieved 240 days uptime, which is currently the new record among Yamayurikai Servers.

Dec 3rd 2009
Server transfer goes smoothly. Shimako is now the primary HTTP and FTP server using FreeBSD 8.0 and Sei is the Backup HTTP and FTP server while Shizuka will become the software testbed.

Nov 1st 2009
Youko and Noriko gets updated to Windows 7. Noriko also gets its RAM increased to 4 GB.

Sep 9th 2009
Shimako is being rebuilt. The final form will have the AMD Sempron 3000+, 1 GB of RAM, 2x160 GB hard drives and a bunch of 120 mm Cooler Master fans taken from Youko. This is due to Sei making weird noises (the CPU fan bearings are probably shot) and Youko getting new Noctua fans installed. Shimako will have the brand new FreeBSD 8.0 once it's released (it's currently in beta 3) and most likely will replace Sei as primary HTTP and FTP host.

Aug 7th 2009
Megamek server is up again due to public request. Now running version 0.34.7. For details and players query #jotkut-nukkekoti irc channel in

Jun 11th 2009
Youko and Noriko gets updated to Windows Vista SP2.

Jun 8th 2009
Sei gets an UPS to shield it from short time power grid failures. Achieved 187 days uptime without any problems with the FreeBSD 6.4. kernel.

Dec 2nd 2008
Sei gets updated to FreeBSD 6.4. Transition goes smoothly and newly compiled custom kernel is using well tested settings as before so no downtime is expected.

Nov 9th 2008
ISP is having some trouble maintaining its connections. Expect slow responce or total lack of connection for couple of days.

Nov 1st 2008
The malfunctioned 160 GB hard drive has been replaced with 20 GB model.

Sep 7th 2008
The new 160 GB hard drive installed in Sei is bust. Will replace it with 20 GB model during the next downtime.

Aug 30th 2008
Sei gets a new 160 GB hard drive from Shimako.

Aug 29th 2008
Sei has shut down due to a power grid failure. Achieved 207 days uptime without any trouble from the OS side.

Jan 21st 2008
Sei gets updated to FreeBSD 6.3. Transition goes smoothly and most unused servises like Megamek, Freeciv and Tor are removed. Performing couple of adjustments and reboots during the next few days while testing custom kernels.