Here is a short tutorial about how I paint my Warhammer 40K Tyranid army. The colour scheme is inspired by nature, a poison dart frog and a mint leaf beetle to be exact. Most suitable for Tyranids that are usually poisonous and have very insect like carapace.

I assembled the miniature without a head and forelimbs, which are magnetized in order to switch the parts between haruspex and exocrine models, and to help painting the hard to reach areas. I also added some texture and features to the base.

After assembly I paint the fleshy parts with Abaddon black (Citadel). With smaller models and spay paint I usually paint all the carapace parts black as well, but it is not necessary.

Next apply a heavy dry brush to the base with Mechanicus standard grey (Citadel).

And a light dry brush the base with Stonewall grey (Vallejo).

Apply a wet dry brush to actual skin parts with Caledor sky (Citadel).

On top of the Caledor sky apply a dry brush of Lothern blue (Citadel).

Next I paint the gaps in the armor, exposed joints and the inside of the mouth with Khorne red (Citadel).

All of the talons, spikes and teeth I base with Stonewall grey and the weapon parts, like the Exocrine plasma cannon, with Gobling green (Vallejo).

At this point I paint small dots on the torso and upper limbs using Abaddon block and then I use Nuln oil (Citadel) shade all over the already painted areas.

Next the carapace. I use Retributor armor (Citadel) base colour.

And shade it using Biel-tan green (Citadel).

After the shade is dry I paint the gaps in the carapace with Khorne red and shade those as well with Nuln oil.

Next I layer the teeth and claws with Stonewall grey, leaving the dark resesses where the shade has settled untouched.

And do edge highlight over that with Dead white (Vallejo).

on top of the talons and spike on the body I apply a layer of Biel-tan green shade, but leave the teeth and weapon spikes white.

Then back to layering. I layer the red parts with Wazdakka red (Citadel) leaving the Khorne red visible in the deeper recesses on the mouth and armor gaps.

And do edge highlight on the red parts with Emperor's children pink (Citadel).

The green parts I layered with Goblin green and highlighted with Nurglig green (Citadel).

Lastly I highlighted very lightly the green shaded talons and spikes with Dead white and the carapace with Auric armor gold (Citadel).

After all the paint had dried I applied Closs varnish (Liquitex) over the mouth parts in order to get the wet look. I also coated the carapce with water, Satin varnish (Vallejo) and 3D Pearl effect (Dovecraft) mixture (1:1:2 ratio). It adds nice pearlescent shimmer to the carapace.

Last part was to finish the base. I painted the piece of Rhino track with Leadbelcher (Citadel), drybrushed with Runefang steel (Citadel) and shaded with Nuln oil. I also added some Winter tufts (Army Painter) and Ash grey flock (Army Painter). The rim of the base I painted with Abaddon black.

The finished Exocrine version of the model.